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Anatomy Trains / Corrective Exercise

21 hours, approved for 21 PMA cec’s


In this course you will learn:


The 7 fascial lines outlined in Thomas Myers’s book Anatomy Trains, the science and function of the fascial system, and how this information applies to movement.


The value of movement screening and 7 functional movements you can screen to determine which movement patterns your client needs to improve and in what order.


A repertoire of 15 Self Myofascial Compression techniques and 36 Corrective Exercises applicable to each Anatomy Train fascial line and/or the movement patterns we address via movement screening.  These practical applications are complementary and easy to infuse into a classical or contemporary Pilates repertoire.



Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise 101

3.5 hours, approved for 3.5 PMA cec’s


What tools do you use to determine a brand new client’s starting point?


In this workshop you will learn a simple movement screening process to help characterize your client’s bodies in 2 specific regards; Do they live in a flexion or extension biased spinal position? Are they a low mobility or high mobility body?


You will learn corrective exercises that balance and prevent the further development of each of these tendencies, enabling you to make specific and effective programming choices for each individual client.



Best Practices From General Fitness For Pilates Teachers

3.5 hours

How do you structure a workout to help clients lose weight, improve their muscle definition or “lean out”?


In this interactive workshop, we will explore the concepts of aerobic vs. anaerobic energy systems, EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), work/ recovery ratios, the value of foundational, unsupported, level changing movements and much more. Understanding these fitness concepts will enable you to tweak your Pilates programming to help clients achieve fitness goals that involve metabolic shift or strength gain.


We will weave many of the principles from our discussion into workouts that demonstrate practical application of these concepts.  Come prepared to move!