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Do you want to:


Have your best posture? Build your upper body strength? Improve the muscle tone around your hips? Lose weight? Improve your bone density? Reclaim your body and your life after an injury?


It's never too late to improve how well you move and how strong you are.  You can be better at all of the activities you love, whether they be gardening, golfing, playing tennis, keeping up with your kids, or being in Colorado’s great outdoors.  Together, we can change your life!


Bodylogic designs personalized interval and circuit based workouts that blend corrective exercise, resistance training, and Pilates based movements.  These workouts prioritize your weak links, as they improve so will your posture and overall fitness level.


It's not just a workout. It's alchemy.


I would love to accompany you on your journey to becoming your best,

most capable self.


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