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Interval and Circuit Training:


This form of training is a must whether your goal is building strength, improving your posture, boosting your metabolism, or losing weight.  I will organize your corrective exercise, resistance training, and Pilates based movements into sequences that are repeated. The repetitive nature of these workouts makes them intense, aerobic, and great for building strength.


Corrective Exercise:


These are the moves that I select specifically for you to bring your body into balance.  We will focus on teaching you how to breathe efficiently, improve your body awareness, regain mobility, or build strength in the areas that need the most attention.  We will dedicate enough time to learning these movements so that you are able to execute them on your own.


In session we will use your corrective exercises as a pre-workout warm-up, during and post-workout as an active recovery activity.


In life you will use your corrective exercises as lifelong tools to help maintain your posture, prepare for physical activity and avoid or recover from discomfort.



Resistance Training:

These are the calisthenics exercises you did in gym class: planks, push-ups, bridges, lunges, jumps, deadlifts, curls, raises, flyes, rows and squats.  We will take the time to teach you how to execute these moves with good form and then build strength by progressively loading them with body weight, free weights, or kettlebells.




This is a mind-body training system that uses unique resistance based equipment to develop body awareness and core and full body strength. I teach a contemporary form of Pilates, which couples Pilates based movements with body weight exercise patterns like planking, lunging, squatting, and doing push-ups.


My favorite piece of Pilates equipment is the Corealign® which has a lot of upright/functional exercise options that mirror many of our activities of daily living.