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Aimee as a Workshop Presenter

I fervently believe that building a strong movement foundation can lead to physical transformation. Using principles from Pilates, corrective exercise, resistance training, general fitness, movement screening and biomechanics to program strength-wellness practices and rehabilitation support for the physically compromised and injured, I have a proven track record. I am dedicated to aiding other Pilates and fitness professionals in achieving the same results with their clients.


I accomplish this by helping teachers better understand the human body and strengthen their skills as movement educators.  My knowledge of anatomy and human movement allows me to blend the traditions of Joseph Pilates with perspectives from the manual therapy, corrective movement and strength training worlds. Thomas Myers, James Earls, Gray Cook and Dean Somerset are at the top of my list of most transformative teachers.  It is the work of these great minds (and many others) that inspires me to innovate and grow as an instructor myself.


Another part of my mission is to bring forth the best practices from the fitness industry to help Pilates teachers make well informed choices when helping clients attain goals such as establishing a strong movement foundation, creating metabolic shift, weight loss, and improved bone density. To reach this goal, continuing education is essential. I believe that all movement teachers have it within themselves to take a seat amongst medical professionals and manual therapists as expert advisors and trusted witnesses aiding clients in their journey toward optimal health and physical transformation.



Say it LOUD and say it OFTEN. I believe it is the legacy of this generation of movement professionals to carry this vision forth.


What workshop attendees have to say:


"Aimee offers great information that I was able to put into practice immediately."  -Joleen in Denver, September 2015


"This course was very accessible, Aimee did an outstanding job integrating the movement concepts into the Anatomy Trains map." -Emily in Philadelphia, May 2014


"The movement screening and foundational exercises from this course completely transformed my approach to working with my Pilates clients." -Nicole in Philadelphia, November 2013

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