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"I came to Bodylogic and specifically, Aimee, after I had herniated a disc and was unable to walk up stairs or do many of my daily activities. My muscles had atrophied in my leg. I was finished with physical therapy and knew that a gym was not the place for me. Aimee's innate ability to analyze your body function and create a program for maximum success was the catalyst that put me back into motion. Through her corrective movement exercises, my body was remodeled. My posture has never been better nor my everyday movement. From the moment you enter her studio, her focus is on your movement and you are working diligently with her the entire time. I really believe that she gave me back my life and my ability to enjoy all the activities I did before my injury."


- 55 year old female recovering from injury



"I have had the pleasure of being Aimee's student over many years in

Pilates and functional movement/corrective exercise. She

is an exceptional teacher, an avid learner, and she brings a wealth of

knowledge, experience, and insight to her work. Aimee customizes

lessons to each person's individual needs and abilities. She pushes

you to stretch your limits, while respecting individual limitations.

Working with Aimee has helped me to recover from injuries, improve my

posture, and move in ways I didn't think I was capable of."


- 45 year old female with lumbar disc herniations



"Aimee is great at modifying the exercises to help my body learn the necessary skills so that I can feel comfortable and strong in my exercise practice and in my day to day life.”


- 37 year old female



“Thanks to Aimee, I have gained greater body awareness and strength in muscles I didn't know I have. I feel markedly younger and fitter."


- 64 year old female breast cancer survivor



“I was amazed by Aimee Baker's knowledge and skill in working with corrective exercise and in particular in her ability to assess my limitations and to help me to both make good choices in terms of my activities and to create a program of rehabilitation. The problem was diagnosed by a doctor as tendonitis in the shoulder, and I have had physical therapy which was really ineffective. However, Aimee's work with me produced major improvements and I addressed much of the movement dysfunction that contributed the problem. I recommend her highly."


- 52 year old male with shoulder injury



“By focusing on rebuilding my core strength, I have happily returned to my pre-pregnancy form in 18 weeks.


- 35 year old mother of three



"I began taking pilates with Aimee when I was 50 (very little Pilates experience before meeting her). I thought pilates would help me avoid a chronic neck and upper backache. I started by taking group classes and for the last 2 years have been in a weekly duet with her. I have not had a neck or upper backache since I met Aimee. She has an amazing ability to read your specific body and design movements for you. I feel consistently stronger in my core and am consistently growing greater strength and flexibility in those parts of me that have been stuck for a long time. She is a very engaging instructor, whether in a large class or one on one. I am very sorry to lose her."


- 53 year old female with chronic pain



"I started working with Aimee about a year ago on the recommendation of a close friend who had been working with her for 8 years and absolutely SWORE by her. I had been having lower back and hip pain as well as reduced mobility for quite some time. It seemed no matter what I tried, it didn't get better or resolve. Well, that started to change almost immediately when I started working with AImee. She has a remarkable ability to assess your body not only using her movement screening system, but each time I would walk in for a session I could see that she could evaluate my progress or lack there of just by watching me walk across the room and she was always spot on with her comments. The work she did with me, including strength building, stretching or Pilates increased my functionality from week to week. In a short period of time, I started noticing results, not only greater mobility and range of motion, but also less pain in movement. The exercises she recommended for me to do at home in between sessions were both doable and targeted exactly at what I needed. I give Aimee the highest recommendation and have yet to find someone remotely capable of replacing her. She is also a complete delight to spend an hour with, as well!"


- 50 year old female with chronic lower back pain



"I went to see Aimee Baker based on her reputation for working with clients' with posture issues. Aimee examined me and how I breathed. I wasn't using my full lung capacity so she began by teaching me how to breathe! In 6 years we worked with balls and foam rollers for myofascial release. Constantly varying stretching and strengthening exercises kept the sessions from being boring. I think Aimee understand the body like no other and I find her solutions creative and productive. I feel that the result in my improved posture is dramatic."


- 68 year old female with osteopenia



"My work with Aimee taught me about my own body awareness, and this awareness has provided me with an understanding of my own limitations and strengths. Because of my work with Aimee I am not afraid of minor aches and pains that will inevitably arise from extensive time on the tennis court because I’ve learned how to address these issues quickly and "put out the fire" without any lost playing time or pain in my everyday life. Her advice addressed both muscle maintenance as well as strength building to give me the best foundation for athletic performance."


- 43 year old female tennis player



"Colorado's gain Pennsylvania's loss! I have been working with Aimee for over 10 years. When I was getting my certification for Pilates, Aimee was my mentor. The insight I gained from her about the body was a true gift that formed me into a talented teacher. Aimee's expertise far surpassed any Pilates, and body movement (so many more titles) "instructor" I know and I know a lot of them! I am 57 years young and Aimee has kept me healthy and strong...with good posture, standing tall with my shoulders, which were very rounded, open and free to move with confidence! How does she do it, you might ask?? She tricks your body! Oh you work hard and I'm exhausted afterwards but the time goes so fast. I can't tell you how much I will miss Aimee's beautiful, caring, smart, skillful personality. There is really no one who will replace her for me, well worth every penny I spent-so...my advice to you...go for it!"


- 47 year old female with double knee replacement



"When I met Aimee she evaluated me and was immediately able to work with me and make changes that would help with my posture and movement. She is very positive, motivated, and knowledgeable. Thank you Aimee!"


- 62 year old female tennis player



“After years of sitting over a desk, my posture is finally changing, my back is straighter and I am upright again.”


- 65 year old male with desk job



 "Aimee has a thoughtful, encouraging, individualistic approach to instruction - neither patronizing cheerleader nor insulting drill sergeant - that suits me, a mature learner."


- 60 year old female



“I have found my work with Aimee to be an essential element in my physical health and sense of well being. I have experienced changes in my ability to walk more fluidly and with confidence.”


- 45 year old client with Parkinson’s Disease