Movement Analysis

Your initial session will begin with a movement screen, where I evaluate how you move.  I will identify your weak links and gather the information I need to understand your body and customize your program.  I prefer to keep the movement screening process unbiased and objective.  It is ideal if we do not discuss your goals and history until AFTER I’ve observed how you move.

Goals And History

After my analysis, we’ll take some time to review your personal experience and fitness goals.  We will discuss any history of prior injuries, surgeries, and medical issues and any known strong or weak points you’ve experienced over the years.  You will also have the opportunity to tell me in detail about your personal exercise goals.

Customized Exercise Program

Based on my analysis and your history and goals, we will create a workout that blends corrective exercise, resistance training, and Pilates based movements.  I make my exercise choices based upon your unique needs.  The programs are dynamic and as you progress, so will your program.

The Bodylogic Process

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